Broomfield United Methodist Church
Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Broomfield UMC Staff
Ken Brown
Senior Pastor
Direct Line: 720-880-5220  
Cell: 303-564-1112
Thomas Cross
Pastor of Discipleship
Direct Line: 720-880-5221  
Cell: 303-501-7313






Family Ministries
Vicki Cromarty
Director of Family Ministries
Direct Line: 720-880-5227

Cathy Stafford 
Family Ministries Program Coordinator 
Direct Line: 720-880-5228
Tricia Middleton
Early Childhood Assistant 
Direct Line: 720-880-5228
Kenda Meyer
Director of Children's Music
Susan Colyn
Childcare Staff
Marti Elliott
Childcare Staff
Brooklyn Gilmore 
Childcare Staff
Kirsten Graham
Childcare Staff
Ally Horvath
Childcare Staff 
Ana Horvath 
Childcare Staff
Mikayla McMillin 
Childcare Staff 
Abby Nelson
Childcare Staff 
JoAnna Van Essen
Childcare Staff
Joyce Dodson
Childcare Staff
Servant Ministries
Reid Lester 
Director of Servant Ministries
Direct Line: 720-880-5224
Coleen Rowe 
Hospitality Coordinator
Student Ministries
Mike Orr
Director of Student Ministries
Direct Line: 720-880-5223
Jackie Osborne
Student Ministries Program Coordinator
Direct Line: 720-880-5238

Worship Arts
Joe Mazza
Director of Worship Arts
Direct Line: 720-880-5225

Associate Director of Worship Arts
Direct Line: 720-880-5687
Kenda Meyer
Sunrise Singers Choir Director 

Lara Jean O'Connor
Kathy Timme
Sign Language Interpreter
Mindy Davidson
Director of Business Administration
Direct Line: 720-880-5217
Mary Soroka
Executive Ministry Assistant
Direct Line: 720-880-5216
Allie Farner
Ministry Assistant
Direct Line: 720-880-5226
Tonya Hamilton
Director of Communications
Direct Line: 720-880-5203
Carol Neustadter
Finance Assistant
Direct Line: 720-880-5222
Vonna Hafner
Direct Line: 303-466-1719
Bob Ramirez
Facilities Manager
Direct Line: 720-880-5218

Ryan Douglass                       Facilities


Nathan Hayden
Ryan Robinson



Apple Tree Christian Preschool & Kindergarten
Jeannine Bosseler
Preschool & Kindergarten Director
Direct line: 303-466-8365
Sara Godwin
Asst. Director/Pre-K Teacher 
Elizabeth Butler
Enrichment and Science


 Laurel Fowler 
Threes Teacher
Ashley Wickham
Pre-K Teacher
Christy Thomas
Pre-K Teacher 
Megan Baker
Kindergarten Teacher 
Chandra Combs
Threes Teacher
Suzanne Von Ruden
Threes and Enrichment
Susan Colyn
Teacher Assistant 
Julie Delano 
Teacher Assistant 
Ilse Baldwin 
Teacher Assistant