Broomfield United Methodist Church
Friday, August 01, 2014
The Misunderstood God group is a unique group for people who want to understand God's nature more deeply from a biblical perspective. Do you have questions about God's character, the nature of the Scriptures, and life in Christ? Are you looking for a safe place to explore those questions openly and search the Scriptures with others? If so, join this group and read books about God and life in Christ with other people of faith!
Leader: Thomas Cross (720-880-5221;
Meeting Schedule: First and Third Tuesdays, 7:00pm in the Conference Room
Text: This is now an ongoing group; texts are chosen by group members. Current topic is When Christians Get It Wrong, by Adam Hamilton; the group is considering N.T. Wright's book, When God Became King for 2013.
What were you taught about God as a youth? Have you ever wondered if it's all true? This small group is designed for those who have questions about God and don't necessarily buy into everything they've been taught by others. We use a convenant of mutual listening and respect in order to tackle some challenging issues. Group members enjoy great fellowship and gather together for occasional social activities in addition to the regular meetings.