Broomfield United Methodist Church
Sunday, August 19, 2018
How do I develop a plan for personal spiritual growth?
Ken Brown
(w) 720-880-5220
(c) 303-564-1112
Who do I call if I need emergency pastoral care?
Ken Brown
(w) 720-880-5220
(c) 303-564-1112
What if I want to know more about small groups?
Thomas Cross
(c) 303-501-7313 
How do I get involved in the music ministry?
Joe Mazza
(w) 720-880-5225
Who do I call if I want to schedule an event to use the facility?
(w) 720-880-5226
Where do I get information on baptism?

Mary Soroka
(w) 720-880-5216

Where do I call for the Prayer Chain?
Church Office
(w) 303-466-1719
I would like to serve in the Children’s area during Worship, who do I talk to?
Vicki Cromarty
(w) 720-880-5227
Who can answer my questions about our Student Ministry?
Mike Orr
(w) 720-880-5223
Who do I submit an announcement to for the church bulletin or eblast?

Tonya Hamilton
(w) 720-880-5203

Who do I contact if I have comments about the professional staff?
Clayton Shearer

(c)  303
Where do I get information about the church budget?
Mindy Davidson
Who do I call if I need information about the church building?
Bob Ramirez
(w) 720-880-5218 or
Thomas Cross
Where do I get information about my contribution record?

Mindy Davidson
(w) 720-880-5219

Click here to contact the church office for all other inquiries.