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Sunday, August 19, 2018



 March 2018 Haiti Mission Trip

The dates for the 2018 trip to Ouanaminthe, Haiti are tentatively set for March 23-31.

We are looking for 12 team members to join us for this year’s team. Minimum age of

12 (with a parent), no maximum age (82 is our best yet!)


Mission Objectives:

  • Continue to build our relationship with the Institution Univers community.
  • Replace all remaining ceramic filters in the field with the new Sawyer filters.                                         This could be around 500 filters.
  • Perform 1 or 2 projects at the school, based on the school project list.                                                  We will tour the Ouanaminthe area, the Medical Clinic, the farm operation,                                          and possibly Fort Liberty or other places of interest.
  • Attend the Sunday morning Baptist church service, the last Friday of the                                           month school worship service, and the Friday night soccer game.
  • Above all – Praise God in all we do as we build fellowship in our team and with our hosts.


Contact Michael Rowley at 303-661-9425 or by email at to

confirm your interest to be on this trip.



Current Calendar             



June 16: Jennie attends RMCUMC Annual Conference Dinner. A number of members from BUMC             attend the Missions Dinner at Annual Conference. After the dinner we were happy to get the chance to

introduce Jennie to Bishop Karen Oliveto and the featured speaker for the evening, Lorrie King.



July  21: Mission uSt. Andrew UMC, 9203 S University Blvd, Highlands Ranch, CO. You may register

for both days (2 courses) or one day (1 course). 1-Day Event: $55.00, 2-Day Event: $90.00 + $10.00 (Friday Dinner). Youth & Child Event $25. All registration fees include lunch and snacks.

Christ in the Caribbean Clean Water Workshop 7-8pm.


Aug-Sept: 2018 Mission Team Sign Up through


October 7: 2017 Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) Symposium. Denver Wastewater building at 2000 W. 3rd Ave, Denver, CO 80223 from 9am-3:30pm. Cost to attend $40 / $25 for students. Christ in the Caribbean will have a booth there. 

A “Drop in the Bucket” to You



For the last six years BUMC members and partners from across the country have traveled to Haiti to distribute water filtration buckets. Each unit cost $40 to build and distribute. When you “drop” a donation into our display bucket you change a family’s life. Clean water means less illness. Saved money from less medical care means more food or education for the family. Just “drop” in loose change, get a check to BUMC (Memo-Haiti Water Mission), or use the kiosk to give electronically. 


Rodne' Dolcinor 


Host Family Needed


We have been trying to locate a host family for RondÄ— Dolcinor in the Littleton area. RondÄ— has expressed an interest to study Audio Engineering and Arapahoe Community College is the closest school with this program. Institution Univers agrees that this degree would allow him to offer services within his community of Ouanaminthe and eventually employ others. These services are currently being farmed out to Dominican Republic companies.


We would like to find a home for him which would allow for a short commute to the Littleton campus of ACC located at 5900 S. Santa Fe Drive. The commitment would need to be for a full year minimum and up to three years if the relationship is good. The host family would need to provide housing and meals for him during the week.  Michael and Debra Rowley have agreed to house him on the weekends, holidays and school breaks or if the host family needs to be out of town. Please contact if you or you know of someone who would like to talk about this opportunity.   



According to the United Nations 1 out of 75 people die from water borne diseases every two years. In developed countries, we take safe water for granted. We can simply turn on a faucet and safe potable water will come out of it. This is not true in developing countries where there is a great need to educate the public about water treatment and water safety. There are 1.7 million deaths per year attributed to unsafe water and poor sanitation. 

Ouanaminthe, Haiti is a town in northern Haiti where in the last 5 years; “Christ in the Caribbean” has distributed over 600 water filtration systems. Michael Rowley and team members from Colorado, Florida, New Jersey and elsewhere have provided filtration units to families desperately wishing to have clean water for their love ones. Unfortunately only a fraction of the population receives the water filters and the ceramic filters need to be replaced every 2-3 years. Our hope is to have a trained water professional who speaks Creole and works within the Ouanaminthe community help train others about how they can help create a safe infrastructure in Ouanaminthe.

Gael Jennie Fleurant from Ounaminthe, Haiti has arrived in Denver to attend Water Quality Management Program at Red Rocks Community College. Beginning in August 2016, she will receive one year of ESL and then will then start her associate’s degree for a total of three years of education. Jennie is being hosted by a family from Green Mountain United Methodist Church.

After Jennie completes her degree in WQMP, she will return to Ounaminthe, Haiti and will focus on educating her community of ways to improve their water supply. Her education will help further the work started by Christ in the Caribbean where many members from our church have participated in distributing water filters.

We would like thank our many generous donors, including United Methodist Women International Ministries and United Methodist General Board of Global Ministries. We have raise $42,000. We are estimating that we will need to raise about $6000 more for Jennie to complete her degree.

For more information please contact Karen Yudnich at 

 HOW TO DONATE: Click here.



The Wonderful Wednesday Meal prepared by our United Methodist Women.


Jennie leaving her family in Haiti                 Jennie at Red Rocks Water Quality Management Building


Gaël Jennie FLEURANT: “My name is Gaël Jennie Fleurant. I am seventeen years old and I am in the Philo class. My family and I are from Ouanaminthe, Haiti. My mother has five children. I live with my mother and my four sisters. I don’t have father because he died when I was fourteen years old. My mother’s name is Benita Navard; she works very hard to send us to school and to give us what we need. Three of my sisters aren’t home now; they are in University in Cap Haitian. Milandie and Cassandra are in the 3rd year of University, Rose Andrelle is in her 1st year of University and my little sister, Mica is in 7th grade.

When I was a younger I always wanted to become a doctor, I like science administration too but it comes after medicine in my interests. In Haiti, many students don’t know exactly what they are going to do with their life after high school. Some of them hope that they will have an opportunity to go in another country to study. If I have an opportunity to go study in another country, things will be easier than Haiti. Sometimes, conditions are more respected. Studying in a foreign country can help me to know the life-way of other people. It can help my mother, too. If I have this opportunity my family will be very happy! At the end, I will come back to help my family and especially help my own country: HAITI!!!”


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