Broomfield United Methodist Church
Sunday, August 19, 2018

BUMC Future Exploration

3/7/18 - Relocation Update

Please watch this short video below to hear Pastor Ken's explanation of how God has said "not yet" to our relocation plan. 

10/27/16 – Church Conference

The Church Conference resulted in our congregation voting to conduct a capital campaign to raise funds for the purchase of land for a new location. The affirming vote means plans will be made to launch a capital campaign in the near future. Please contact Sheila Alishouse with any questions at or 720-391-2050.

10/23/2016 What If...Video (Click here)

10/16/16 Building Update Brochure (Click here)

10/5/2016 Frequently Asked Questions (Click here)

9/25/16 BUMC Growth Video - (Click here) - A look at the past, presence and future of Broomfield United Methodist Church

9/1/2016 Frequently Asked Questions (Click here)

7/31/2016 Frequently Asked Questions (Click here)


3/7/16 - Feasibility Study & Architect Results 

Town Hall meetings were held on Wednesday, March 2 and Sunday, March 6 to share the results of the Feasibility Study preformed by RSI Stewardship and a preliminary draft of the future building design. Click here to view the Town Hall PowerPoint Presentation. The preliminary draft of the building design will be available in the Sanctuary lobby for 2-3 weeks for the congregation to review and provide feedback and ideas.

Please contact Sheila Alishouse with any questions - or 720-391-2050  


10/30-11/13/15 – Your Input is Needed – Follow the link below to take the Feasibility Study Survey

Your opinions make a difference. Your feedback is needed for RSI Stewardship, the professional consulting group running this feasibility study, to complete our financial feasibility study. Please share your thoughts about the proposed relocation project by participating in a survey to support a feasibility study for our church!

This link to the Vision/Case Statement is to help you understand the proposed plan. Please review the proposal, and then respond to questions about the plan in the survey.

Thank you to all who participated in the Feasibility Study Survey.


10/14/2015 - Exploratory Team Update

Be on the lookout for information regarding your participation in our financial feasibility study! We have hired RSI to complete a financial feasibility study. Please stay tuned as these events will begin in the late October time frame. There will be more information in the coming weeks about these activities. We have also hired Lee Architects, who will be coming to a Sunday service soon to see for themselves what BUMC is all about! They are completing an initial assessment based on many questionnaires that lay leaders completed last month.

8/5/2015 - Exploratory Study Committee Update

At the Church Conference in June, we were asked to continue to study the options for the future of the church including:

·         - Hire an architect for initial planning

·         - Complete a financial feasibility study

·         - Complete a report to be reviewed by the Methodist Church Building Committee and the Congregation

We are in progress on the first two bullets above. After a team interview of three different local Architectural firms, we have chosen Lee Architects to complete our initial plans. 

We have also chosen a firm to assist us with the financial feasibility study, RSI. RSI came highly recommended to us. If we move forward, RSI will be one of several candidates to run a Capital Campaign.

The Exploratory Study Committee meets every two weeks. We are working to complete the architectural design within the next few months so that the feasibility study can begin. Our goal is to present our results to you by the end of January 2016.

Please continue to pray that we listen for God’s will in this effort.

Your committee members are: Sheila Alishouse, Ken Brown, Bill Christopher, Mindy Davidson, Bruce Donaldson, Tod Harris, Brian Janssen, Stew Mosko, Peg Nebergall, Jack Purdy, Bob Roof, Pat Steeno and Victoria Zanin.                                  

 6/17/15 – Church Conference

The Church Conference resulted in 190 members of our congregation attending, and the majority voting to establish a study committee to create a report to be presented to a future church conference to consider the relocation of Broomfield United Methodist Church. The affirming vote means a study committee will be established to invest funds to explore our financial capacity for a potential capital campaign, and discuss design plans with an architectural firm for possible relocation in the future. Please contact Bill Christopher, chair of the Exploratory Team with any questions at

Resources from the Church Conference (click here to view) 

6/15/15 – Ministry Council

The Exploratory Team presented the Executive Summaries for the four options to Ministry Council at their June meeting and answered questions.

6/3/15 - Town Hall Meeting

The Exploratory Team will presented the four options they have been researching regarding the future of BUMC: 1. Status Quo - staying within the current square footage of our current location; 2. Remodeling the current site; 3. Relocating to a new site, but retaining the current site as a satellite; and 4. Relocating to a new site. There were 75 attendees that participated and asked questions of the Exploratory Team.

5/26/15 – Exploratory Team Meeting

Final presentations for all Options were presented. Reservations were discussed for each option. The meeting resulted in the committee deciding to make the recommendation to Ministry Council and the congregation to explore relocation.

5/13/15 – Exploratory Team Meeting

The Relocation Option team share the floorplan of a church that built efficiently gaining more programming out of less square footage as an example of a phase building.

4/28/15 – Exploratory Team Meeting

Report to the team from an information seeking conversation with the City of Broomfield staff and any updates to Option research and findings.

3/24/15 – Exploratory Team Meeting

Teams assigned to each of the Options being considered reported on their progress and requested information needed to inform their recommendation based on current space deficiencies and future need. Touring St. Andrews United Methodist and Church of the Resurrection was discussed.

3/11/15 – Exploratory Team Meeting – RSI Stewardship Presentation

RSI Stewardship presented some initial data on stewardship as it relates to current trends for capital campaigns. They also provided an assessment of our current stewardship environment.

3/4/15 – Church Tour – Flatirons Community Church at 355 W South Boulder Rd, Lafayette

Members of the Exploratory Team toured Flatirons Community Church with the architect and general contractor that helped the Flatirons staff and congregation fulfill the vision of their church needs. 

2/11/15 - Exploratory Team Meeting

Teams assigned to each of the Options being considered reported on their progress and requested information needed to inform their recommendation based on current space deficiencies and future need. Construction cost per sq. ft. for new build and re-purpose build where shared with the team. Plans were made to tour additional churches to continue and gather information and insight.

1/27/15 – Exploratory Team Meeting

Met with District Superintendent Skip Strickland and Peaks and Plains Location & Building Committee Chairman Mike Moore to learn more about the governance and process for expansion/relocation within the Rocky Mountain conference.

1/24/15 – Church Tour – Family in Christ at 113th & Sheridan Blvd.

Spoke with lay leader who was responsible for their 2014 phase II expansion, who shared their philosophy for growth and how they engaged the congregation.

1/14/15 – Exploratory Team Meeting

Presentation from long-time real estate broker Stew Mosko on real estate trends and property values in northwest area. Discussion about other outside resources that should be engaged in the conversation.

11/19/14 – Exploratory Team Meeting

A scoring model was presented to the team for consideration of use. The model will help the teams assigned to each option to weigh how best that option meets the mission, vision and purpose of the BUMC.

10/9/14 – Exploratory Team Meeting

The team came together for the first time since the June 26, 2014 Church Conference to establish a plan to explore and study the options presented to members for consideration.

Options to Study:

·         - Status Quo

·         - Expand Current Building

·         - Relocate

·         - Relocate and Keep Current Campus as Satellite Campus


The team determined criteria to score each option against in order to come to a final recommendation to return to the membership with in 2015.


Results of June 26, 2014 Church Conference

The Church Conference resulted in 88 members of our congregation attending, and the majority voting to establish a Study Committee to explore future options for BUMC’s ministry and facility needs.

The next step in exploring the future of BUMC is for the Ministry Council to form the Study Committee. Ministry Council will meet on Monday, July 21, 2014 at 6:30pm.


Resources for the BUMC Future Study

The Metrics of Growth and Change webinar presented on June 12, 2014 (click here to view)

Q&A from Town Hall meetings June 2014 (click here to view)


Mark your calendars for the following events related to this conversation:

-Ministry Council meeting on Monday, July 21 6:30pm. We want to continue to hear your voice in this conversation, and your heart for this opportunity.